A Foggy Road To Nowhere: My First Three Blog Articles Circa 2010

I re-visited my old blogger platform where I started  blogging and in many ways, I wanted to kick myself for not doing this sooner -- to transfer all my articles on my site to have all my musings in one place! Even J.K. Rowling thought about the sieve that could store memories, so why not me?

So, here we go... into once was a foggy road to nowhere...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blog #1: First Day

Hello to the blogging world. What a timely coincidence, the birth of my blog starts on the Day of Love. Not being a pessimist here but love should be celebrated 365 days a year. Relationships are meant to be cherished and nourished every single day. Just like a flower pot- right amount of water, soil, and sun exposure.

This is where it all begins...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blog # 2 July 4 Independence Day

What a long hiatus for me to follow up my first blog! It took me 4 months to search myself and find reasons why I am opening myself up to the internet highway. Well, for one it took me to finish reading Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project" (as matter of fact I just finished reading Ms. Rubin's book 12 hours ago to be precise). Indeed, her insights gave me new light to why I want to be a blogger.

As I contemplate to what I want others to benefit out of this blog...I thought...who do I really want to address my thoughts to? Probably I am not the only one who wants to be immortalized in one way or another right? There are people who write books as a starter. Then I thought of the late, Dr. Randy Pausch, author of "The Last Lecture." He wrote his "last lecture" for his two children and that was his way to be remembered forever. 

Although, as of this writing, I do not have children yet... I am dedicating this blog to my future daughter/s. I want them to know what was like for their mother when she was in her 30's and a glimpse of her years before that.

Blog # 3 July 5, 2010

Having a purpose to an undertaking made it simpler for me to form my thoughts. Since I made a decision to write for my future daughter/s, a whole gamut of ideas came about. This is where it will begin...

I'm about to turn 32 years old and I can't help but look at what I have accomplished so far or the lack of it. Completed my bachelor's degree from the University of the Philippines when I was 20 years old, attended 2 years of medical school (I learned I was not happy being trained to become a physician - I will discuss this in detail later), married my high school sweetheart at 23 (yes dear, I only dated ONE man in my life), finished my 1st master's degree from the University of Oklahoma (OU) when I turned 25, and next year I'm about to wrap up another master's degree- this time from Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC).

Sounds like a boring laundry list? I have to say in our Filipino culture, we only know professional degrees such as lawyers, medical doctors, dentists, etc. Degrees that deviate from the professional degrees are questionable. When I was younger (in my 20's), I wanted to do what I have a passion for, I was an idealist, I was young, and ready to prove the world of my worth. 

As I approached my early 30's, I started questioning myself and felt " I was not good enough." I felt I did not have the right skin color, hair color, height, and first language to fit in to western society. Thus, my journey to collecting post graduate degrees. When will I say I have enough and I am more educated than the average American? I have yet to answer this question.