Dream Big Circa 2014 Part II: Affirmations, Ideal Day, Thankful, & Failure

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 Vision

Vision Boards work! It is for me. Last year, I created my vision board to ease the anxiety of not knowing how to move forward after leaving my stable job. This year, I was excited to dig deep and paint my picture of 2014. I focused on the following values:
Loads of Fun
This year's main theme is to center my year with my marriage. I intend to improve more on this area. Marrying my high school sweet heart is only the beginning. Growing old with him still in love and full of passion is my dream come true. I believe that together we can move forward. The Universe already gave me a head start by letting me win the ESP Marriage book by Nashawn Turner. Now that is impressive...that was less than 15 minutes after I wrapped up my board.
The core desired feelings for 2014 that I want to feel are:
In order per to honor my values and core desired feelings, I came up with the following daily habits:
1. On waking up, place my hand on my heart and affirm " Great things are happening with me. I am ready for the next step."
2. Start my day with a Bible scripture.
3. Drink a glass of water. Exercise for 30 mins. Have my power shake.
4. Go over my to do list / appointments for the day.
5. Shower. Get ready - have tea. Start office work. The out the door.
6. In the evening, 6-10 pm is family sacred hours. No phones. No disruption of family time.
7. ME time - shower, decompress.
8. Take care of myself by reading 10 pages of a book daily or spending at least 30 mins each night to reading. Personal development is key.
9. Sleep by 11 pm and wake up by 5 am. When you awake...stand up, take a shower. 
10. Sunday - HOLY Day for the family, massage for Momma, hair and nails.
11. Saturday - laundry and grocery day, meal prep.
12. Take vacations this year --- Vancouver, Philippines , Italy
13. Take naps as needed.
14. Never say sorry for your time. Have people respect your time and respect theirs as well.
15. Decide then and there. If it is not a HELL YES then it is a BIG FAT NO.
16. If it does NOT or will NOT turn into a profit, do not waste your time for it.
17. Time waster 2 hrs max.
18. Be 15 mins before the assigned time. 
19. You are a MONEY MAGNET.
20. Practice gratitude everyday. Say a meaningful THANK YOU to another person each day.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Ideal Day

This random picture of munchkin makes me laugh. The sticky white rice on her legs, munchkin on top of the table, and her stance as if giving a lecture to a multitude. Well...who knows that this is her fate someday --- to teach. Why not? Our family came from a long line of educators! 
What I am interested in tackling today is along the lines of fate. I am reading the book, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas. Her first assignment is to answer the question, "What is your ideal day look like?" Believe me, it took me a week to think how should picture my ideal day looks like. I am excited to imagine and put it in writing BUT when it was time to write it down for reals...ooh boy!
I tried my best to center on my core desired feelings of freedom, creativity, and power...here's what I came up with;
I wake up at 7am ready to meditate, cup of tea or coffee in hand. Fun and sporty clothes on, sitting outside in our patio enjoying the warmth of sunrise. After my 15 minute commune with nature and Higher Power...I get ready to log my 3 mile run.
After my 3 mile run, I shower, put on clean, comfy, fashionably savvy sporty wear (yet again). Have my power shake, prep a quick breakfast in the kitchen for munchkin and dada. Fix their bento (lunch) boxes and wait for them to come down and see me. Munchkin and Dada finish their breakfast - munchkin goes to school while Dada is off to his bike shop.
I, on the other hand, heads toward my office to do work. I manage my businesses on line so I rely heavily on my two screen home desktop computer and the internet. I will work until lunch time. Have a quick salad and sandwich lunch. While enjoying an afternoon tea, I write for 20 minutes for my book. Make phone calls, meeting with my PA and VA, and off I go to nap land for 20 mins.
After a relaxing nap, I head towards the kitchen to prep home made all organic, healthy dinner for us 3.  I also prep a healthy light afternoon snack for munchkin and dada - ready to serve once they get home. Once the two of them are home, I serve them their snacks. Munchkin and I do homework together and then I let her enjoy free time. A before dinner walk with Dada in the neighborhood follows. Dinner is served at 7 pm and we take the time to catch up on each other's day.
After dinner and dishes are put away, its Momma and Dada time. I read my books before bed, make and check my To Do List. Then off to zzzzz land at 11:00 pm. A perfect day it was!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


The practice of being greatful for daily abundance creates a reality that we are indeed favored by God. Today, I am grateful for my hubby's birthday - another year added to his journey, a blank canvas awaits to be painted on.  The three of us woke up happy for togetherness. Started our day with a little breakfast at Starbucks then straight to the school to do maintenance work for a couple of hours.
A lot of people will not put in the necessary man power hours to create their future. But we care about where we are heading. We are building our legacy. The three of us at work at the school could not have been perfect! To cap the day, hubby and I spent a quite afternoon for a late lunch and a little shopping before we head off for our 2-hr facial and body massage = utter bliss! A bubble bath and good nights ended our celebration for another adventure here on Okinawa.

What would you do if there were no way you could fail?

Failing is always an option...
Well...the last 8 months of the year just flew me by!
Did I fail during these last 8 months? You bet I did.
Failed many times, cried many times, laughed many times and loved many times.
I literally fail everyday.
Failing gives me more reasons to get up each morning and attempt to fail some more.