Dream Big Circa 2014 Part III: On Military Life - Friendships, Deployments, Live Your Dreams, and Woman Up Your Post

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Munchkins Alert!

Uber cuteness for these Tres Amigos! I am blessed to have an extended family in the military community. While I do not have boys as children, I do in them - Enzo and Manu.
My heart is full that Elise is growing up with siblings ...not by blood but by a common connection: they are Navy brats! Who says blood is thicker than water? In our military lifestyle, for the most part...they are your family. They got your back during deployments, typhoons, birthday celebrations, etc. 
Much love to my military family friends! Hooyah :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Daddy's Home

Homecomings are the greatest! Daddy is back...
When he left, almost three things in the house broke ( well, of course! ).
When he left, munchkin runs inside the house looking for him. Thinking he is only hiding somehwhere.
When he left, munchkin hugs "Daddy Bear" at night and says "Goodnight, Daddy...See you tomorrow"
When he left, momma is 'round the clock Daddy & Mommy to munchkin.
We had to start new routines.
Momma seldom made dinners. 
Momma and munchkin played together, ate snacks on the bed (Daddy won't allow this), went on trips to Blue Seal ice cream to have ube flavored treats, and they missed Daddy. 
Daddy's back! There will be horseback riding for munchkin,short hikes & bicycle rides, and all the fun stuff the 3 of them enjoy.
Most of all, Momma finally gets her "ME" time.

Monday, September 1, 2014

What if you could change your life and really live your dreams?

I shared the ELIS Story for the first time on a blog and today marks the official start of School Year 2014-2015...coincidence? I say, perfect timing!
I can feel it...our second school year...roaring like a lion. Making a difference in our own authentic way, not copied...all original...powered by a mother's love.
Full blog post: http://mercedesmaidana.com/new/#more-5459 (as of this writing -June 6, 2018, the link is no more available).

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Woman Your Post!

Sept 8, 2014 from 0900-1400 at the O'Club at Camp Butler, Okinawa, Japan
The Marine Officers' Spouses' Club Okinawa (MOSCO) hosted a Welcome Reception for newbies here on island.
Learning points:
1. Fellow mil spouses were in attendance. Varying businesses but ONE drive - trek the entrepreneurial journey.
2. There a number of foreign born mil spouses like myself who decided that to a fulfilling career and thrive in our military community is hiring ourselves. Why not? A lot of times a foreign-earned undergraduate or graduate degree limits your hiring potential. Covering this topic could churn out a full length book!
3. I noticed, a number of the vendors are not working the event to their advantage. Truth be told, keys in working social events like this need the following - Confidence 60%, Content/Knowledge 25%, and Appearance 15 %.
It was a fun event to mingle, network, and polish interpersonal skills. If you are an entrepreneur, just GO OUT THERE & be visible!