The 3Os: The Chapter That Started An Adventure Circa 2010-2011

Recollections from July 2010 - March 2011

Oh time flies!  Would you imagine that.  The last time I posted something was before I even knew my little Elise is in my womb.  So let's go back and retrace ... I started this blog to record my thoughts as an early 30 something, career-driven, married woman who wanted her future daughter/s to know her struggles, her triumphs, and what makes her mother human after all.

July 26, 2010 - big day for Gabriel (your father) and I, the HPT showed us 2 lines!  I already had the feeling that I may be preggors already...missed period is always a tell tale sign.  We were ecstatic, what a wonderful feeling knowing that I will soon going to be a mother.  In our hearts we knew our baby is going to be a girl.

The First Trimester

We waited until we got a confirmation from the NTC Clinic that we are indeed expecting.  It was great news we can't wait to share with family and friends.  We were bursting with pride, dear Elise.  To hear your hear beat for the first time made both your father and I speechless... we fell in love with you that very moment.  To see your first ultrasound picture was just magical.  You are special in our hearts and will continue to be...

I must say, my so-called "morning sickness" actually happens in the early evenings.  Which is good since I'm already home from work.  Overall, I had all the pregnancy symptoms.  Your father ever so kind took good care of me.  I did not have any cravings...not much...neither weird ones too.  I normally have a sweet tooth but I guess your father took the sympathy pregnancy symptoms and instantly he was the one craving for sweets.  I watched everything I ate, stayed away from caffeine, and kept everything organic (including beauty products).  I started reading pregnancy books which I will list down on this blog on a later date. This is indeed a beautiful time our sweet Elise.

Your Dad is an avid triathlete, here's a picture of him that I took sometime August 2010 at Camp Pendleton.  He is looking forward to sharing the sport with you...

During this time, we also have a dog - Lala.  Lala was born 23 September 2005 and we got her from your Tita Joanne (your father's oldest sister).  Her dog Lucy gave birth to 7 puppies and we decided to take the most playful little puppy from the litter.  She gives us so much joy.

Rosette and Lala, August 2010

The Second Trimester

We celebrated your Tita Kris' bridal shower here in San Diego - we went to the Spa at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, SeaWorld, Coronado beach, and of course shopping everywhere.  Your Tita Kris, Tita Dulcie, Tita Ursula, and Katharine are so excited to meet you.  We had a great ol' time here in sunny San Diego, the weather was perfect.  

Kristina's Bridal Shower at The Spa @ Rancho Bernardo Inn

I turned 32 late October my dear Elise...your father and I went out to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.  It was great to reach this age knowing that you are to arrive soon.  All my hesitations and worries about career, school, and my life's directions disappeared, just thinking of life with you fills my heart with happiness.

Birthday Dinner


Fall 2010 is a busy time for your Mom, Elise.  I was taking 2 graduate classes with SIUC, completing my webcasts for my Accredited Financial Counselor Fellowship with FINRA and NMFA, and pursuing my HR Practices Certificate with eCornell.  Without a doubt, you were exposed to reading books, webcasts, and critical analyses.
My college roommate Cris visited us too and here's a picture of the 2 of us at the San Diego Wild Animal Park:
Rosette and Cristina Escober
Mid-November, we felt your first movement in my tummy...guess where we Vancouver!  Vancouver is home for your father and I, Elise...we love being there with family. We were on our drive up to Whistler when I felt your little flutter, it was the most amazing experience I ever had.  It was snowing already in Whistler when we got there, your Tita Kris is getting married to your future Ninong - Kevin.  The whole celebration was intimate in the company of family and friends.  Your Tita Kris looked radiant and your Ninong Kevin looked very handsome...they are a perfect couple and we love them both.  They surprised us you know - they came with us to San Diego for their honeymoon and they told us of this plan the day before we flew back! :-)
Whistler, BC

Yuletide 2010 - I am already showing my baby bump!  Shopping for maternity clothes and your baby stuff are my 2 favorite things to do.  Well of course...knowing that you are a girl made my shopping experience extra fun.  Your father and I saw you again via ultrasound -we were so happy to know you are healthy, active in my tummy, and is due to arrive March 31st.  Your Tita Kris helped me in choosing your name.  I wanted to remember my paternal grandmother, Lola Felisa - she is a woman ahead of her time.  Strong -willed, loving, and nurturing she was, I miss her dearly.  How I wish she had the chance to see you my dear Elise.  We spent Christmas in Murrieta with the Obedoza-Ellington- Yoshikawa clan, do you know that Christmas is my favorite holiday?

Gabriel and Rosette

The Third Trimester

We welcomed 2011 full of hope and inspiration to become parents, as one friend said we are entering a whole new world.  Here are pictures during this time frame - two baby showers and gallivanting with Lala at the Dog Park in Balboa Park.  

With Lala at Balboa Park

When March came, your cousins Maya Mupas and Mia Ellington came to this world about a week apart.  I am now counting the days when you will make your debut.  Please know that there are a lot of people awaiting your arrival, they are angels surrounding us.  All of them have the best intentions and have showered us with their love and support all these years... 


Baby Shower Invitation courtesy of Ms. Rachna Payne

Future Dad and Mom of Elise

Well...Hello Elise!

You are finally here dear child.  Two weeks earlier than expected, thank you for listening to our request.  Our first 19 weeks have been amazing.  Your father and I are very happy, thank you for filling our lives with love.

A New Journey Begins