The Day I Decided To Streamline

Posted on my personal FB wall, 6th June 2018:

Dear FB Family and Friends -

The 3 Os are off to another adventure in 6 months! A lot of changes are in the horizon ...HUGE...and I have been pondering about this moment for a few months now.

In order for me to make space for my writing and complete a HUGE undertaking, I have decided to streamline my activities (as a social experiment of all sorts), my blog at is where you will find my musings, (mis) adventures, and shenanigans. All articles will be filtered down to both platforms:

Thrive Global…/8006-rosette-obedoza-msed-mhr


I will be checking my FB Messenger as needed but as always, is your direct line 24/7, 365 days.

When you visit my blog at, I will walk you through my blogging adventure which started in 2010. It feels good to see how it all started - the joy, the tears, ...raw emotions captured. My wish is to keep it going for my munchkin, Elise.

Time for me to catch up and talk story about the Land of Two Seas...



Cover Photo: My special them to the moon and back! Elise is the only girl among her boy cousins. May she grow up to be a better woman than I.

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