The Excitement Heightens in 2012 Part II: Life Tips and Planning for a Doctorate Degree

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life Tip # 001: Select the outfit you are going to wear the following day the night before.

This is something I practiced since I was in elementary school.  I feel more relaxed in the morning knowing that I have all my stuff ready. I love mornings and I enjoy starting my days early.  Nota bene: If you look good, you think good, and you do good. Everything boils down to the minute details of how you present yourself.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Creighton University or Bust

I completed my admissions dossier for the EdD in Leadership at Creighton University and submitted all the required documents to the Admissions Committee.  Now the waiting begins...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Life Tip #002 Find work you love that supports you financially – from the book “Things I Want My Daughters to Know” by Alexandra Stoddard

This advice is very helpful whether one is about to start a career or midcareer.  One must be compensated fairly for the work done.  That is just the basic requirement.  When you find the work you love but you do not get paid enough for it...frustration and low morale creep in.  On the other hand, some people may be earning more than enough yet they feel trapped in their jobs.  So one must arrive to a conclusion of what is fair compensation and what is the career you would want for yourself.  You need to factor in nonmonetary compensations i.e. vacation time, tuition reimbursements, health/vision/dental insurance etc.  

From my experience, government contract positions are designed for military and their dependents...why? Because they have have health/dental/vision insurance coverage.  Some contract companies working with the military function just like its private counterparts but majority of the time they are not very "worker friendly."  What I mean by that is that they have less benefits and they pay less.  Pay must correspond with your geographic location and education background...just me.  It is ironic that my colleague may be earning $20K more than me when we both have the same job description.  The key difference is that I work for a public funded university while she works for a nonprofit.  Almost always, if you work off campus the pay is still set at the rate where the main campus is located. Hmmm that is a an issue when you leave in San Diego, CA and main campus is in the midwest and not a big city.

Having a tuition reimbursement benefit is an excellent way to earn a degree for free!  I received my 2nd Master's via this benefit.  However, know when it is time to leave because you have outgrown your position (mentally and salary-wise) and ready to take on bigger challenges.  

Truth of the matter is, you spend majority of your time at work....8-10 hours each day give or take.  That work should support you financially because it is not just the material side of things - yes, a Coach purse or a Michael Kors watch are nice but at least you know you could stash away funds for your retirement and do things that make you a well rounded person i.e. TRAVEL, take cooking classes, attend dance lessons etc...

Being happy with the work you do is a HUGE plus.  People may say, "go for your dreams" and $ will follow you.  Hmmm true but how many Bill Gates or Steve Jobs do we have in America? 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Life Tip #003 Appearance counts!

First off, there are contradictory remarks about appearances such as "Do not judge a book by its cover." But then again, society in general give you 10 seconds to gauge you from head to toe.  

Consider the following:

1) Job Interviews - you are given more or less 5 seconds by the interviewer before he/she makes an unconscious judgment of you.  If you appear put together, nails clean, hair properly styled, no scuff marks on shoes, no stains on your clothes, etc...interviewers are more open to getting to know you and how you can be a good fit with their company.  Three years ago I applied for a job for one of my alma maters, bottom line is that "I was not blonde enough" to be hired for the position.  What happened with the "blonde" gal they hired - she was let go (after 2+ years on the job) because of her performance or lack of it.  Nice gal by the way but not cut for an educational services job.  One good turn out with this, one of my closest friends got hired and as we joked around (and she confirmed that this is true though we make fun of it)...she is HOT that she was hired.

2) Try going to a bank on your sweats and apply for a loan.

3) Once Gabe and I (plus Lala) went strolling in to a Subaru dealership here in San Diego on our hiking clothes since we were coming from a hike at Mission Trails.  Not a single car salesperson approached us!

When you dress confidently, you walk a little taller, your back straighter, and you have the option to either give people a friendly smile or a "mean girl" decide.

Life Tip #004 Birds of the Same Feather, Flock Together

The quote is cliche but a very wise advice I received from my father.  Choose the people you surround yourselves with because they reflect YOU.  I love associating myself with strong, wise, and good humored women because we share a lot of interesting conversations.  I gain wisdom, support, good laughs, and most of all constructive criticisms.  Each of us can hold her own, a lot of opinions but we respect each other for who the other person is.  It also boils down to " Do you really want to spend your time with them?" Time is gold you know...