The Road To Self-Discovery Circa 2013 Part I: ZenSavvyMomma is Born, A Plan For Success, & Full Throttle

From the past articles written in 2013, you will hear the voice of a woman trying her best in discovering her self. She just quit her stable, federal job - a dream she once thought that is in the career path. It was a curve road ahead, yet she placed one foot forward each day.

Take a listen...

Monday #1 of 2013

Aaah what a serene feeling to be home....not on a hurry to head out of the door and start my work day. I could even let little munchkin enjoy her sleep. No more toxic workplace, no more narrow minded co- workers, no more boss who favors only the few and no more office politics. 

Mind you, before my last workplace, I used to enjoy coming to work. It used to be my energizer. After going through so much stress and making it work at my last employment...I found my courage to just say "This ain't working anymore, time to move on." I know my priority is my family and if I am not balanced in mind, body and could I best serve my hubby and little munchkin. They need me and I want to be there for them 110%. 

First official Monday of the year, I will make it productive by working out, completing my week 1 reading assignments & paper, planning my projects, and checking off my list towards my goals for 2013. 

I am gonna HUSTLE my face off to MANIFEST my dreams!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Vision Board

Whoa! Second day of 2013. First time ever that I am unemployed starting the new year. It felt good to be home with Elise, running errands to keep our household in order and we just hosted 3 parties: 1 for Christmas Eve and 2 for New Year's Eve. 
If there are two things that resonate with me for 2013, that will be: 1) to be able to work at home & 2) work for myself. I have given my 20's and erly 30's working for somebody else. NOW is the time to break free from the chains of cubicle offices, 0730-1630 shifts, office potluck parties, office contributions for this & that, & most of all co- workers that limit my potential & creativity.
The time is NOW to be a MOMPreneur, to fully invest my time, effort & money to a cause that is aligned with my values.
The time is NOW to take control of MY TIME and not on lend it to somebody else's gain.
The time is NOW to be more COURAGEOUS & be more EXCEPTIONAL than yesterday. To have no regrets at all costs.
So, here' s my 2013 Vision Board with high hopes that I conquer all of the things I am setting out myself to conquer in 2013. Let's GO!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gearing for SUCCESS

So what's ahead for 2013?  Definitely  NOT going to work for another company other than MY OWN.  This is the year I am directing my energy in helping "Mommas" (like me) who value time spent with family, find the right mixture of harmony in her life, and reach her maximum potential at her own speed.

On the lighter side of things, ZEN SAVVY MOMMA is dedicating time to continue nourishing her 1) MIND by completing 18 semester hours of graduate coursework and reading ONE recreational book each month, 2) BODY by working out 3-4x a week, riding my road bike each week for 12 miles at least to prep for an end-of the-year bike race, and eating healthier food groups 3) SOUL by setting aside one hour each day to meditate and commune with my spirituality. 

...oh yeah 

" When you expect success, your mind focuses on success."

My kick in the pants or life changing moment for 2012?

It was a toxic work environment that is limiting me to be creative and accept "me" as a person and professional.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dawn of a New Chapter

What a fantastic OFFICIAL FIRST WEEK of January 2013! I was able to organize my personal calendar for my school work -Strategic Planning and Management Class, submitted my first dicussion forum post, attended ZUMBA twice M & W, completed by webcopies for my two BIG projects, received clarity in regards to my project location, completed a PT job interview as a Trainer, received two invites for 2 jobs ( one of which I referred a friend instead, story in a few), and last but not the least...I feel I won the lottery on this one...I connected with Selena Soo, a successful PR, Marketing professional whoowns S2 Groupe!!! I could NOT believe she answered back my e-mail...golly I never thought women of her calibre pay attention to women like me. Totally stoked because now we are e-mail buddies & FB friends. Ask & you shall receive.

What's IN for my SECOND WEEK of January 2013? I promised myself a mind, body, and soul transformation and this I shall deliver. 

Mind Project
Continue plugging away towards my terminal degree
Zen Savvy Momma 
Bright Stars
Academic & Recreational Book Reads

Body Project
Fitness Challenges for 2013
Health & Nutrition
105 lbs
Size 2
Strive 2 Sweat

Soul Project
Gain more spirituality
Create a VISION that is true to ME
Stand Up 2 Cancer

I am proud to say, I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING that in order to get the results I need, outsourcing is key. I decided to invest in myself 120%, ALL or NOTHING because if I do not, then who else will?

Friday, January 18, 2013

There is NO Promised Tomorrow

January 15, 2013 @ 1515: I got into a minor fender bender. My car was rear ended by another car on RT 23 going towards Kadena. Nobody got hurt but it was an eye opener. The local guy was gracious enough to admit his fault, I was turning left towards the waxing place ( was going to get my brows waxed) when the accident occured. As a gaijin (foreigner) driving here in Okinawa, Japan - I am very cautious in following the local rules of the road.

More importantly, this incident brought me to ask this question, "If this is your last day on Earth, what 5 memories will you bring with you?"

For me, it will be: 1) when our family picture was taken when I turned 18, 2) Gabe & I at Bellows AFB beach, 3) birth of Elise, 4) the Mupas Women picture during Ate Kris' wedding, and 5) our Sunday morning ritual of getting up late, snuggled in bed - Elise, Lala, Gabe, and I.