Thrive Not Just Survive Circa 2015 Part I: Land of Smiles, Il Dolce Far Niente, and A Canopy

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bag is Packed Ready To Go: Follow My Journey to the Land of Smiles

11:15 pm local time --- luggage is packed ready for an adventure. Yup, 14days to the Land of Smiles. I am called and I am taking heed.  Here we go 2015, the journey begins!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Il Dolce Far Niente: The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

As a solopreneur, part of my daily grind is putting out fires. The everyday ecosystem is varied, never a dull moment, always on the go. Within the last 24 months or so after I took the plunge of working for my own, I can honestly say I invested a lot of my time into the business. I became the slave of my own search for independence. Ironic, but highly accurate. 
However, I have never felt so free being my own boss. Even if there is the constant struggle to strike a balance being a mother, being a wife, or being an educator/entrepreneur. I call the shots, I create and launch programs. I have had my WINS and of course LOSSES. The only person I could point a finger to is ME, MYSELF & I. 
The sheer joy of witnessing ideas coming to life, of projects rolling out better than you have imagined, and knowing you gave it all -- these are the adrenaline rush unmatched! If I was working for someone else, you bet I may have had colleagues who does not know how to carry their own weight. Hm,, sounds too familiar in my book.
If I craved for freedom ...My envious looks to people jogging along the San Diego coast during the morning rush -- thinking, "Wow, I wonder what they do for a living", the feeling of wanting to be outside the office to enjoy the warmth of the morning sun, to just hit pause and enjoy a coffee break or a 2-hr lunch not worried clocking in....those were the emotions I felt very strong when I was under the time card for someone else.
Working for the hour -- no more!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lessons of the Canopy

Exactly a week ago I was watching our two volunteers set up this 9x12 canopy for our early morning prep for the Spring Carnival & Bazaar.
Mind you, these canopies are a beast & a 1/2 to set up/breakdown, unload and offload from a moving truck (kudos to our volunteers!).
As I catalog all our pictures today, I could not stop myself from reflecting:
It takes FAITH to build a business.
It takes a lot of sacrifice to build a community.
It took a mother's heart to start something out of nothing.
To have a business (canopy) like a well oiled machine --- each moving part must be taken care of maintained, & accounted for.
Accept the way the canopy naturally leans to the right (or left). Adjust as needed.
Place the canopy on the right position, factor in the wind and the sun.
Set boundaries to the limits of the canopy.
May I learn from the "lessons of the canopy" in managing ELIS from a distance.
May I have a stronger faith to follow the Universe's call.