Thrive Not Just Survive Circa 2015 Part II: Another Adventure In The Horizon & Saying Goodbye to My Old Blog

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

To new adventures!

Aaaah my " mini  me " world traveller! Teach kids to travel smart. Respect others and enjoy the adventure.
Her backpack is full of activity books, fave small toys and of course her mermaid friend. Of course, healthy snacks and drinks included inside her carry on to keep her nourished.
This marks the last entry on my old blog and I am happy to welcome the new era right here at The journey to finding my own voice has come to this point. It was not a straight shot (I wish!) and there were a lot of trials and errors along the way. One thing remains true: let your true self shine and don't get bogged down my what others say about blogging - the what to do's, must have's, and what not's. On to real and raw story telling of life...the right people will listen...
My Profile From My Old Blog "The Yellow Flower Pot" 
I'm an education professional who wants to publish books about my memoir and research topics I am passionate about. Eventually, I wish to start my own consulting firm and a non-profit organization serving Asian American women. The above profile was written in 2010. Here's my profile 3 years a mother to a toddler and a military spouse entrepreneur. " I am Rosette Obedoza, a multi-passionate mil spouse entrepreneur, educator, health & lifestyle coach, fitness motivator and #1 cancer fighter." Before I turn 45, I will publish my memoir and start my non-profit organization empowering Asian American women in pursuing entrepreneurship.