Rosette Obedoza's Street Credibility

Rosette Obedoza, MSEd, MHR is an Intercultural Career Strategist, Resilience Coach, and Founder I CEO of Life Without Regrets™ Group of Companies: ZenSavvyMomma™ and Capstone World Travelwith a heart-centered vision of inspiring others to thrive, craft a values-centric life, and nurture sustainable sources of income.

As a published author, she has co-authored the book, Finding Your Voice: The Empowered and Assertive Woman published by PWN Books in 2017. This international book provides the tools for increased personal empowerment and assertiveness for women globally to stand up for themselves, increase their feelings of self-worth, teach women how to stop this bullying against women globally, and provide the steps to embracing the power of a woman.

A sought-after International Speaker, Rosette delivers keynote addresses, motivational and informational talks for women, entrepreneurs, expatriates, high school students, nonprofit organizations, and companies around the world - including various women empowerment shows in the web/podcasting space.

Professionally, as a Program Manager leveraging more than 18 years of exemplary work in the Education, Training, and Career Coaching industries.

✳️ Rosette is adept in strategizing and leading cross-functional teams to bring about fundamental change and improvement in strategy, process, and productivity.

Her comprehensive background derived from diverse work experience in non-profit management, higher education, and government support cover the following areas:

✅project management
✅educational services

✳️ Rosette's career is supported by Master’s degrees in Workforce Development and Human Resources.